Occasional invaders

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Occasional invaders come in many shapes and sizes. They’re the pests that come in through a crack, an open door, a hole in a screen, a potted plant, or a piece of firewood. They don’t often infest a home (that is, feed and breed), so are more a nuisance than anything. Common invaders are ground beetles, sow bugs, millipedes, crickets, wood cockroaches, cluster flies, lady beetles, springtails, leaf-footed bugs, hornets, wasps, and earwigs. Not to mention all the tiny night-flying insects that fit through a screen, heading toward your light.

Where they live

Usually not in your house, which is why the concern isn’t great. When they’re inside your home they’re either lost or over wintering. Lady beetle, cluster flies, leaf-footed bugs—they’re not feeding and not breeding.

What they do

They’re annoying. Other than that, not much.

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